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I’m what you would call “unique”.

Not every Chihuahua can pull off this look like I do! You will get stares as you walk down the street with me. I don’t mind cats and other dogs, and I loooove my people but if strangers come up to me on the walks – and they will because I’m so good looking and tiny– I need time to warm up to them. Once I know these people, I’m your typical lap dog! I love being picked up! I’m like your shadow, and who doesn’t want a good looking and smart shadow like me?

Typical of a more seasoned dog – and that’s how I like to refer to myself, “seasoned” –I have a cataract in one eye, but don’t worry, my other eye is perfect so I get around easily. And this definitely doesn’t stop me from going on our multiple walks. I could walk forever!

Okay, okay, I’m still re-learning my house training so sometimes I have accidents. I was so scared at the shelter, that I forgot all of my house training! So, have patience, I’m re-learning it, and my foster mom says I’m doing really good with it. All 3 pounds of me will master it again, I promise!

I prefer someone to be home with me most of the time too. I feel more secure when I can see and hear my people around. Young children scare me, they are so much bigger than me, and sometimes unpredictable, so I prefer older children or an adult-only home. Does your home sound like a forever home for me? I sure hope so!

For more information on Mikko, please contact his foster mom Evelyn, at

Mikko’s Video – Walking

Mikko’s Video – After a Shower




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