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Mickey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Steph E, for her love of beagles


Good Day, I’m Mickey!
I was a stray in the state of Kentucky. With no where to go, I would often drop by an older lady’s backyard to get some affection. During one of my visits, I suffered a gunshot at the hand of one of her neighbours. After an amazing team of American vets and volunteers saved my life, they wanted me to have a safe place to call home, somewhere I would never have to worry about firearms. So I traveled all the way north to peaceful Canada.
When I first arrived, I was terrified of going outside and could barely go on walks. Now, it is one of my favourite activities – alongside with welcoming you home and taking long naps on the couch. I might regress to old habits in a new environment, but my foster parents will have some tips for you.
I tend to be quite loud when I am excited or bored. I am therefore best suited for a family with a detached house. I wouldn’t want your neighbours to be mad at me for sharing my feelings. I’m just a typical beagle, after all!
Looking forward to knowing you,
Mickey is 100% a love boy. He wags his tail enthusiastically when you talk to him and will move your hand with his muzzle to get a good pet. He likes to join you on the couch and his a perfect cuddle buddy.