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Mia has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Kassie (Lucy) by Paul and Carolyn. We shared a short 7 months where she enjoyed peace and was loved to bits.



Mia is a sweet, shy, happy little girl. She came to her foster home terrified of people. But over time, she has come to realize they are not all bad. She greets her human at the door with her tail wagging and spinning circles.

Mia had to have work done on her teeth, and when the vet went in to investigate, they realized all her teeth had to come out. So Mia will need to eat moist food and soft treats for the rest of her life. Now that Mia’s mouth is no longer sore, she has come to love meal time!

Mia loves to go for car rides and walks. She is still nervous on walks when strangers approach. Mia will still cower when you pick her up.

Mia is not 100% house trained. When she came to her foster home, it seemed like she had not been outside much. When the weather is nice, she loves to spend time outside, but when it is cold or rainy, she prefers to use a pee pad. Mia likes to be warm and sleeps under the covers on her humans bed.

Mia is a pretty quiet little girl, only barking if her foster sisters bark. She lives with dogs her own size and a little bigger and does quite well.

Mia would do best in a home with no small children, as she is still is pretty nervous and unsure.

Could you provide a safe, loving forever home for Miss Mia?

Mia was lovingly fostered by Carey