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Mia has been adopted!

Sponsored in celebration of a young girl who loves rescue dogs!



Hi! My name is Mia and I’m your new best friend!

I came to Ontario two weeks ago from Kentucky where I was picked up while living on the streets. Unfortunately my old family didn’t come for me but my luck was about to change when a woman, her son and their dog decided to save me and bring me to their place to live. I had to have surgery first to make sure I didn’t have anymore puppies but I was doing great after my surgery and I was ready to go. After making the long journey to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, I met my foster Mom Lee, my foster brother Xander and my foster dog sister Rosie. They welcomed me into their home (and onto their soft beds) right away and I knew my days living on the streets were over.

I get along great with my furry foster sister, Rosie. We play all the time, playing fetch, tug of war and wrestling on the beds, usually right after my foster Mom makes it. I love playing with other dogs too at the dog parks and I love seeing how fast I can run. Hopefully my forever family will have a yard for me or be able to take me outside a lot so I can stretch my legs and get the daily exercise I need.

I also really love my human foster brother Xander. He’s small like me and loves to play and give me hugs. He’s so gentle, so I’m gentle with him too. At night, I like to sleep on his bed to help keep him safe. My foster Mom thinks it’s cute.

My foster Mom has taught me a lot since I’ve been here but there’s still a lot for me to learn. She’s taught me this cool trick where if she says “Sit”, I sit and then I get a treat for it!! Can you believe it?! She also puts up her hand sometimes and says “Wait” and I know to sit and wait for what she tells me to do next. When she says “Mia, come!”, I’m not quite sure what that means yet but she says we’ll continue working on it. Maybe you could help me? On our walks, I know that I pull on the leash sometimes, but my hound nose just smells so many amazing things! My foster Mom says I’ll need a no-pull harness to help train me to walk better on the leash. I’m okay with that because all I want to do is make my family happy.

I LOVE being loved and I can’t wait to meet my forever family soon so I can love them in return.
See you soon!!

Mia was lovingly fostered by Lee