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Merida has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Aria and for my new adoptee – Baby Belle (Bella)



Meet Merida! Also known as bumblebee or bee by her foster parents. Merida is a northern puppy which means she is a mixed breed. Merida will be ready to go to her best fit family once she is 8 weeks old (after November 9th)

Merida is a confident and cuddly puppy! Merida’s favourite activities include: being held, being cuddled and running around with her sister Alice followed by snuggling. Merida will do well with a family that encourages her to be independent – as she cannot be held at all times. Northern dogs are often high energy so Merida would likely enjoy an active home with a fenced yard.

Merida has met a variety of people and vaccinated pets. Merida has enjoyed all the pets and people she has met! Merida has met and enjoys children who understand she is still young and learning the do’s and don’ts of socializing. Merida’s forever family must be prepared to help her learn to be a good canine citizen through obedience training and continued socialization.

Merida has been vet checked, given age appropriate vaccines, microchipped and dewormed. Merida’s veterinarian thinks she could be a large dog (60+ pounds) which is important for prospective adopters to know.

Merida was lovingly fostered by Rianne