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Melody has been adopted!


Melody / Female / Chihuahua Mix / 9 lbs / 5 yrs / Adoption fee: $400.00


If I had to use one word to describe Melody, it would be LOVING. This petite 10 pound Chihuahua is as sweet as they get.

Melody is approximately 5 years old and an absolute little doll with so much love to give. She has come from a bad hoarding situation in Ohio where she lived with 14 other dogs. She is very social with her people and her tail is wagging all of the time. She will head butt your hand for petting and just wants to be where her people are. This girl is a total lap dog and she is looking for someone to reciprocate the love she has to give. If your lap is not available, no worries, this little girl will curl up in a ball on the floor near you.

Melody is cat-friendly and living in harmony with a senior cat in her foster home. She gets along well with other dogs and is currently sharing her foster home with Pugsley. Melody has not shown an interest in toys yet, however, she loves a good game of chase and some wrestling play time with Pugsley. Due to Melody’s life before she was rescued she shows signs of food aggression around other dogs when it comes to her food bowl. Her foster mom feeds Melody in a separate room to ensure harmony among the dogs. Treating both dogs at the same time seems to not be an issue for Melody.

Melody LOVES her daily walks and enjoys a good roll in the grass. She is always happy and eager to meet dogs on her walks, even if the other dogs are not always friendly. Melody is very easy to train as she is always ready-to-please you. It did not take her very long to understand that the cat’s food in her foster home is not Melody’s food.

Melody is house trained, sleeps through the night, has a healthy appetite, and is low energy. She has been spayed, vaccinated, and tested for heart worm (negative). Melody is a little anxious when she is left alone in her foster home. She will whimper and cry as she awaits the arrival of her people. She is left in the laundry room with a few treats and the door of her crate open. Although she is a little anxious she is not destructive and does not touch any shoes or items found in the laundry room. Melody is not suitable for an apartment/townhouse dwelling due to her whimpering and crying when left alone.

Melody is excellent in the car.

If you can take your dog to work, then this is your gal. All you would need is her dog bed and she would sit at your feet for hours and not make a sound. Melody is a quiet dog that does not bark at other dogs when she sees them; she does not bark when the door bell rings or when new people enter her foster home.

Melody has so much love to give; she is looking for her forever family that will open their arms and give some love back to her.

For more information on Melody, please contact her foster mom Robin at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!