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Maya has been adopted!

Thank you to Save Me Rescue, for all that you do to protect these precious fur kids..
Love, Britta, ( a rescues from, 2017, from Kentucky, re Save me Rescue)



Maya is the best! Okay you are laughing now! Seriously, Maya takes a few minutes to warm up to strangers and situations but when she does, watch out!

Maya comes from Tennessee. She was owner surrendered because they couldn’t be bothered with her.
Maya is quie t(I finally heard her bark at a raccoon the other night who was stealing cherries from the tree). She is loving and rubs against me. Maya listens and gets out of the kitchen. She sits especially for snacks. She loves walks and runs with me as well as beside the bike on leash. Her favourite time is in the forest chasing squirrels and rabbits. Maya knows her name and comes on command. She is a little fearful of water but she is starting to get more used to it. She loves tearing around on the sand. Maya sleeps on her bed near mine and doesn’t budge in the morning until I am ready to get up.

I love Maya and know she will be the best pet in the right forever home. She is my shadow and will be yours too. If you are extremely active, Maya is perfect for you!!

Maya was lovingly fostered by Debra