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Maya has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Kassie (Lucy) by Paul and Carolyn. We shared a short 7 months where she enjoyed peace and was loved to bits.



Maya came to her foster home, a scared little girl. She was underweight and afraid of everything. She quickly warmed up to become the bossy little girl she is today. Maya is a snuggler, but on her terms. Some days she wants to lay in her bed and not be social.

She loves car rides and walks. She walks well on her leash, but does bark at anyone – four legged or two legged, that she sees. Her foster mom is working on the barking. Maya may not be the best dog for an apartment, as she will bark at noises she hears or things she sees.

Maya is a picky eater…. somedays the only way her foster mom can get her to eat, is to hand feed her. She recently had some of her teeth removed, but that does not stop her from crunching on kibble or a treat. She does prefer her main diet to be moist dog food. Maya is a very fragile little girl, so would do best in a home with no small children that may be a little rough or even a chance of being dropped. Currently, Maya sleeps wherever she likes, sometimes under the covers with her humans, or sometimes in her own bed, depending on her mood that night.

Maya is house trained when the sun is shining – but on cold wet days, she prefers to use a pee pad in the house. Maya can climb stairs, but prefers to be carried whenever she can be.

Do you think you could provide a loving forever home for this sweet little girl?

Maya was lovingly fostered by Carey