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Minnie has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Sonia, Toby, Kallie and Pepper



Minnie is a little dog with a big new world ahead of her.

Minnie spent the first 5-6 years of her life producing litters of puppies in a puppy mill. She found herself then handed over to a shelter when they no longer wanted her. With little life experience, you can imagine how terrifying that was. The good news is, she’s happy and healthy and on her way to a better life.

She arrived in our care and has made great progress thanks to the other dogs in the home. When treats are being handed out, Minnie waits to see what the other dogs do and follows along. She always keeps a safety gap between her and her foster mom, but she comes a bit closer each time! She has learned that “up” means foster mom will pick her up out of the snowy yard and bring her back inside, so “up” is a good word that means warmth and no snow! It also seems to take her to a soft place on the couch where she can watch tv and nap! These new human words lead to good things. Cookie is another word that is turning out to be a great thing!

Minnie is learning her house training, but is not perfect. She does know to do her business outside, but doesn’t know how to get there. So frequent trips to the backyard and some patience will be needed as she learns. Patience all the way around will be needed, she will come to you when you call, but not within reach. She’s still learning to trust but she’s not difficult to pick up and work with. It’s just going to take time.

She has a great appetite and keeps her crate area clean at night. She still finds safety in being crated as it’s the only life she’s ever known. So I would suggest an adopter have a crate for her, one she can go in and out of as needed. A safety spot.

She does love the other dogs in her home and enjoys playing with them. She will bark at her foster mom if dinner is running late, also likes to bark when you first come home. She’ll bark playfully and run to and from you. As with most mill dogs, it’s hard to say what her ultimate level of comfort will be. Currently I put her on my lap to pet and she’s clearly uncomfortable but sits there. She will eventually work up the nerve to sneak down though. This may be something she never fully enjoys, or it may be something she learns to love. It will take time for that trust to build. She likes to chew bones, and will move toys around, but hasn’t learn to “play” with them yet.

Her ideal adopter will have dog experience. Ideally mill dog experience to understand how she behaves. A little love goes a long way with these dogs, as does an existing well balanced dog that Minnie can learn from. Her ideal adopter will have a backyard that is easily accessed as she learns house training. She will enjoy a home without small children, as sudden movements startle her. Her perfect adopter will be filled with patience, kindness and understanding as she learns a whole new way of life.

Minnie was lovingly fostered by Colleen