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Max has been adopted!

Sponsored by Margo

Max is a sweet and gentle 12 year old senior chihuahua. He is calm and loves all people and animals. He is housetrained and enjoys short walks or long bouts of time outdoors sniffing every blade of grass. He is the first chihuahua his foster parents have met that doesn’t bark – at all! He is hard of hearing (mostly deaf), has a grade 4 heart murmur, and will be continuing on pain medication for his intervertebral disc disease. Due to this, he does not walk on his front left leg. He requires a bit of extra assistance with his mobility but is content to be picked up and supported. He loves being close to people and dogs, and is in love with his Earth Rated blanket! He would do best in a home with other animals, preferably no stairs, and a home that would be happy to continue to support his medical needs. Max is a special soul and brings so much love to his foster parents!