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Mouse has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of our loving Buster



Mouse is a bundle of cuddles and quirkiness. He loves to burrow under a blanket beside you on the sofa or under the covers with you in bed. He’s just as happy in his own bed, burrowed into a blanket of his own.

Mouse is quiet with the exception of when he needs to go out. He starts with a muffled noise to get your attention, then a soft ‘ruff’ then louder if you still don’t notice him. He’s a gentle little soul who loves meeting people on his walks. He’s low energy most of the time.

Mouse has a slight limp on his front right paw but it doesn’t stop him from loving his walkies and doesn’t impact his health. He can’t go on hours-long walks or hikes but he’s good for a half hour walk or hike. He’s also ok going around the block if that’s all his person can do that day.

Mouse is an easy dog to have and would be a great companion for an elderly person or work at home person who likes to go for a few short walks per day and/or has a fenced in yard. The yard doesn’t need to be big as he mostly needs a spot to relieve himself and another spot to lie in the sun. He’s done well in an apartment too, when taken out regularly.

Mouse doesn’t seem to know what to do with toys and is independent of other dogs. He doesn’t seem to mind them except around his food. His food needs to be small kibble or soft food since he only has one tooth.

Mouse is so easy to care for and would be a great companion!

Mouse was lovingly fostered by Lesley