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Mouse (also known as Max) is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in memory of our loving Buster


Mouse (also known as Max) is a bundle of cuddles and love! He spends his days snoozing beside his person and going on a few 15-30 minute walks. He sleeps through the night by burrowing under the covers or making himself into a burrito in a blanket. He gets so excited for his walks and he’s in heaven when he’s getting pats and cuddles. He has a quirky mouth habit likely from when he had a lot of loose teeth.

He was a stray before coming to us so not a lot is known about his past. He’s believed to be a miniature pinscher mixed with chihuahua. He has one tooth left and walks a little stiff from arthritis. He gets protective of his food and jealous of attention towards other dogs so he’s best suited in a home with a couple, no other dogs, or someone who can manage this. He doesn’t do well on his own so a retired couple or someone who works from home would be ideal. He does well inside with regular walks or being let outside regularly.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only