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Max has been adopted!

Max is sponsored by Scrubbles Pet Wash & Spaw

Max is such a sweet dog. He had a hard beginning to life. He was sent to an overcrowded shelter because his owner passed away. When he arrived at the shelter, he was in DEPLORABLE condition; thin, full of fleas, scabbed/inflamed  skin from head to toe, painful from a skin infection, and terrified. The shelter veterinarian and staff gave him the medical treatments and care he desperately needed and now he’s definitely feeling better! He has completely healed and looks great! You can always tell the dogs are happy to get out of the shelter and into a warm home, with a cozy bed. He melted into our arms and we spoiled him with a tummy rub. He just kept looking at us, calm and grateful. He has interacted with small children, other dogs, and cats without any problems. No food aggression. He sleeps comfortably in a crate and was quiet through the night. He hasn’t barked once yet. He walks well on a leash. He likes to play ball. He’s just the sweetest dog. His pictures can be deceiving, he’s not very big, standing approx 1 foot tall, but he’s long like corgi and probably mixed with border collie face and colors. He’s waiting patiently for his fur-ever home

Max was lovingly fostered by Tiffany