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Matthew is adopted

Sponsored by Auntie Julie, with love to Lorenzo . Merry Christmas Lorenzo!!


Matthew is the sweetest!

This boy is going to make a lucky family very very happy.  He warms up to people easily and likes the company of all other dogs.   Matthew seems to mirror the energy of his favourite people and if you are ready for a walk, he can not wait but if you are relaxing around the house he is happy to do that as well.

Matthew is a wonderful age as he has lots of energy and enthusiasm but is very well behaved in the home.  Matthew loves food of all kinds and sometimes needs to be reminded of his manners when human food is around.  You will never have crumbs on your floors with Matthew around!  Matthew will need a family that is prepared to help his lose some weight and share his enthusiasm for daily walks. Matthew immediately lights up at the suggestion of a walk.  He happily wears a coat or sweater seems to know how handsome he is.  Matthew currently lives in a foster home without a yard and gets lots of walks during the day.

Matthew has met the cat in his foster home and was very respectful of her space.   Matthew likes to “talk” when he wants something ( a scratch, to go outside, food) and will let out soft grumbles to let his foster mom know he needs some attention.   Matthew will gently nudge his foster moms hand to let her know that he would like to have his head or ears scratched. It is clear that at some point in Matthew’s life, he was very loved by someone, he is trusting, affectionate, adaptable and very well behaved in the home.

Matthew is a moderate energy boy, who loves to go for walks and play but also enjoys relaxing around the house. Matthew is very eager to please his favorite people and loves to be told that he is a “good dog”.   Matthew does not know much in the way of basic obedience and would benefit from taking some classes with his new family.   Matthew is house trained and quietly rests in his crate when his foster mom is not around.  He has a wonderful smile and a tail that is always wagging.   Currently Matthew is being fostered in a townhome setting and is very quiet in the home and loves getting multiple walks a day.  He loves to stop and visit with new people and dogs, everyone comments on how cute and unique looking he is and how cute his short little legs are.

Matthew does not shed but will require regular grooming. Matthews’s foster mom has fallen completely head over heels in love with this very sweet boy and knows that a wonderful family is out there for him that will give him as much love and attention as he is prepared to give them.  Matthew is soo ready to start his new life and fall in love with his new family.


Lovingly fostered by Alissa