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Marvin has been adopted!

Marvin’s pull fee has been sponsored by Uyen, in loving memory of her foster dogs Shotsie and Georgia

Marvin is a lovely little poodle mix, who is very outgoing and playful.

He loves to be outside exploring in the backyard. He will bark if he hear any noise or see people near his yard.

He knows his name and happily follows me around the house. He will do his business outside if you let him out often enough but has marked around the house, something we’re working on. He is sleeping in bed with my son at night.

He has made friends with the other dogs in our home but he will nip at them if he is on my lap first and they try to join in. I am working on his possessiveness. Marvin is also not a big fan of cats, so a home without cats is a must.

He likes going for walks. He loves to run and play, but quickly runs back between my legs if a person or another dog comes by. He seems to relies on me to keep him safe and trusts that I will not put him in harms way.

Marvin will do well in a home that has somebody home most of the time, or with a family that will only leave him only for couple hours at a time.