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Save Me Remembers Martie


Sponsored by Roz B. In honour of Jordan Y’s birthday


Martie arrived into foster care on September 23 2017. He is approximately 14 years old and his breed is unknown. He has arthritis and a leg deformity that cause him to walk with a limp, but he is not in any pain. He is a very unique dog inside and out. He enjoys short strolls outside and can easily spend 10 minutes sniffing one blade of grass. He enjoys spending his time sleeping in one of his many beds, and prefers to stay in the kitchen and living room of his home. Once is a while he will slowly venture elsewhere, but he chooses to stay where he feels the safest. He does not enjoy much affection. He is okay with a few occasional pets but will walk or turn away when he has had enough. He enjoys soft cookies and dinner time and hates bath time!

Martie can be moody at times and bite if he feels startled or threatened. His foster parents have really learned what he likes and doesn’t like, however there are still times he will flinch when being pet.

His foster home feels it is in Martie‘s best interest to live out his remaining time in the home he has grown so accustomed to. A change in environment would be extremely stressful for him, and its not worth putting him through that. He will continue to be loved as much as he will allow, and will remain under the amazing care of Save Me Dog Rescue.