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Marner has been adopted

Sponsored by Mary-Lou and her fur babies Molly and Oreo – Good luck Marner!



Marner is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs you will ever meet! He can initially be a little apprehensive with strangers but once he knows he can trust you he won’t want to leave you side and will be giving non-stop kisses and cuddling into you. This little guy didn’t have the best start in life and was found alone wandering in a field. Thankfully some nice humans have helped him out and he is now ready to settle down with his forever family.

The ideal home for Marner would be with a family where he is not left alone much at all as he LOVES company and has some separation anxiety issues. When he is left alone he sometimes barks which is why he isn’t suited to living in an apartment. Marner likes kids who are gentle and respectful with him. He also loves other dogs, especially dogs around his size so if there is another playful dog in the home that’s a bonus for Marner. We are working on house training and Marner is learning fast but he still has some accidents. We are also working on crate training but this cuddle buddy is much happier when he is with his humans and he LOVES to snuggle up with you in bed. He often sleeps under the covers too.

When we are out walking Marner he wants to stop and say hello to everyone and all other dogs. He is good at walking on a leash. In general he isn’t a high energy dog, but that all changes when he gets to run free in our garden or when he is playing with his favorite toy!

Due to Marner’s past, he is a little shy around strangers and loud people so will occasionally growl but that usually changes very quickly into kisses. He has never shown any aggression towards people or dogs.

If you feel like your home could be the perfect fit for Marner apply fast because pups this amazing don’t come along often.



Marner was lovingly fostered by Ewan.