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Marlee has been adopted!

Sponsored by Riley McCann, age 11


This sweet girl is Marlee. She is very shy but also very curious. Her ideal new family will be very patient and willing to give her the time to learn how to trust again. Marlee is very quiet – we haven’t heard a peep from her during her whole first week here except for the occasional happy snarf when she thinks we aren’t watching and is playfully digging like a maniac in one of the dog beds. Marlee was not leash trained when she arrived but within a week, she has already come so far. She’s gone from not budging one inch to happily trotting along behind us on walks although she still won’t be winning any races any time soon. She’s still quite pokey but is gaining confidence and speed each day. 🙂 Marlee is looking for a home with a dog sister or dog brother to help teach her the ropes but does not want any little human brothers or sisters because quick movements and loud sounds scare her. She can do stairs but doesn’t always have the confidence to attempt them, and she’s especially leery if she is expected to go up the stairs and then cross over a scary door threshold. She is looking for people with patience and who won’t mind carrying her in/out of the home until she gets a bit more settled. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys yet and happily spends her day taking naps and testing out different dog beds. She is a great car passenger and hasn’t gotten into trouble when left home alone. She is the sweetest little girl with so much love to give, and it will be amazing to see her blossom as she gets more settled and learns to trust her humans.

Marlee was lovingly fostered by Stephanie