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Mark has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Cheryl’s son, Rob Carter, who so loved Cheryl and who Cheryl so loved.



Mark is a male Manchester Terrier mix coming to us from a shelter in Tennessee where he was brought as a stray. This Little guy has a vibrant, loving and happy personality. He is approx. 1 yr. old, weighs 20 lb. and is black and tan. Mark has been micro-chipped and his vaccinations are current as of Sept. 1 2021.

This sweet boy is always happy and ready to play, especially fetch, but is not good at releasing! He is extremely social and gets along very well with other dogs and cats. He also loves to play-wrestle and chase the other dogs. When they stop, he keeps on going!

Mark loves affection from his human and is a big cuddle bug. He sleeps close to his human often using their lap or leg as a pillow. He loves going on walks and walks well on lead. Mark is definitely high energy.

He is still in the puppy stage and will chew whatever he can find: cushions, shoes, toys. He also tries to eat what he finds. He does stop when told, but reluctantly. He is almost fully house trained but does not ask to go out so it is important to keep him on a schedule until he learns to ask. He has had 2 accidents in his foster home, each due to the bad weather outside. He definitely does not enjoy being out in the rain and thunder.

He only barks in the house if one of the other dogs bark or the doorbell rings and outside if he notices people walking close to the fence.
Mark has learned to sit (most times) and come when called. He is definitely food motivated. This little guy is very smart and learns quickly. He would definitely benefit from training and even agility training. He has some wicked leaps across the back of the couch! He is a curious fellow and quite nosy which sometimes gets him into trouble.

He eats well and loves treats- his own and anyone else’s. He does have a tendency to try to take dinners from the other dogs but is getting better at keeping to his own dish.

Mark would do well in a forever home with
• a calm environment
• his humans have the patience and time to be with him and invest in his training
• children should be dog savvy
• fully fenced yard
• humans who will give him exercise to release his energy
• firm but gentle guidance and positive reinforcement
• it is unknown how he reacts with small children, but caution should be taken as he claims all toys and treats as his own
• dog sibling(s) would be wonderful

Mark is an amazing loving little boy who will bring such joy and sparkle to his forever family.

Mark was lovingly fostered by Jackie