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Maria has been adopted!

Sponsored by Roz in honour of Robin and all she has done for Save Me


See a little video of Maria HERE


Maria is an eight pound 7-8 yr do Yorkie cross. Although to her foster parents, looks like a pure bred Yorkie.

She spend a fair amount of time with one of our wonderful rescue vet partners who did a wonderful job getting her healthy and ready for adoption.

Maria is a quiet girl who is house trained and pee pad trained.  She is very subtle in letting her foster Moms know she needs out but will head for the door to do her business first.  She Is crate trained and can often caught catching a nap in there throughout the day.  She walks easily on a leash and loves the outdoors.

Maria has been let down by the humans in her past.   She has not known a lot of human kindness.
She is very wary of fast hand movements, dislikes being picked up or her collar being touched unless it is to clip on a leash to walk her.  She will nip if frightened.

She has the cutest happy dance to welcome you home and leaps like a gazelle onto the back of the sofa so she can watch out the window.

She grumbles at her foster siblings as they are bigger than her and she is afraid of being stepped on.  That said, she has shown no aggression towards them or with toys.  We do feed her in her crate to ensure she gets all her calories as her big brother is nicknamed “Hoover” for a reason.

Maria would do best with an adult family who are willing to put in the time and patience to help her understand not all humans will hurt her.  She needs to trust and is very observant watching  her moms interact with the other dogs to learn that hands don’t hurt and love comes everyday without fail.

She is a wonderful sweet girl who is changing every day.  She needs time and love .
Are you the one?

Lovingly fostered by Deb