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Margie – Adopted!

Margie was sponsored with love, by her foster mom Colleen


Margie is a dear senior girl who loves everyone she meets.

Margie came into shelter found as a stray and in pretty rough shape. Her nails long, eyes infected, very underweight and clearly not been taken care of. She is currently in rehab to get some weight on her as she is very underweight and anemic. She is in need of a dental but her blood work shows that she is unable to have this done as she is. So we’re working to get weight on her and redo her blood work before a dental appointment can be considered.

She gets along with her foster fur siblings large and small. She’s a happy girl and appreciates the comforts of a warm bed and three square meals a day. She’s a little shadow always curious what her foster family is up to.

Margie does have mobility issues and has lost control of her bowels, this is due to issues with the nerves that run through her spinal column. The information being passed through is severely delayed with causes very slow reflexes. She walks a little crooked, but gets around pretty well. She does wears a diaper around the house for her poops, but can hold her pee and tries her best to do that business outside.

She also has a lot of scarring on her eyes, appears to be old and is not bothering her other than slightly limiting her vision in dim lighting. She gets gel drops three times a day to keep her eyes healthy. As well, she has some bad teeth that need to be removed and will have a dental scheduled in the near future.

Margie’s initial blood work indicated that she was not healthy enough to undergo dental surgery at this time. She is anemic and underweight. She will need to have her blood rechecked and once she’s stable we will schedule her dental. Until then, Margie will remain in rehab and we will not be accepting applications until have a better understanding of her health.