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Mama G

Mama G has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Mabel.



Mama G is the whole package! She is beautiful (just look at those strikingly pretty eyes and gorgeous eyelashes), smart and has a personality that will win you over the minute you meet her.

Mama G has a quiet and calm demeanor. She is very easy going and playful. She has great manners. She takes treats so gently, has no food aggression and does well in a crate; however, she can be trusted out when alone (and she prefers it) as she does not get into anything other than her toys. She also has great leash manners and walks perfect 99% of the time. That 1% is when she hears or sees (or wants to go back visit her foster mom’s parents!) but she can be redirected. Mama G’s table manners could use some work. She’s very agile and has been on her foster’s kitchen table a few times!

Do you love to be outdoors? If yes, then Mama G may be your perfect match. She is a true northern pup and craves and loves the outdoors. She would love to hike and explore forested areas with you. She is currently being fostered in the Muskoka area and loves the forest so she would benefit being close to Muskoka or a forested area. When not outside, she loves looking out the window.

Mama G is usually quiet but can be quite vocal when she wants to go outside or hears my dogs. She barks at a moderate level and cry a “whiney cry” like she’s being hurt when wants to go outside. It must be the Husky in her!

Mama G’s ideal home/family would:

love the outdoors and go on a few walks per day (did we mention this girl likes to be outside and walk?!).
Offer lots of snuggles and lots playtime. She loves snuggles and playing with kids too!
Live in a place with a smaller town feel. She might be overwhelmed in the city.
Have lots of toys to play with and is up for a good game of fetch.

Mama G is in a foster home with cats and is curious about them but the cats run and hide from dogs so she hasn’t fully been introduced but she does not show any aggression towards them!

Mama G is looking for her forever family and as seen in this bio, it doesn’t take much to make her happy. She just needs, snuggles, play time, outdoor adventures, walks and of course lots of love.