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Maizy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sherri M. In honour of everyone who helped beautiful Maize on her journey to starting a new life


Maizy is a 2 ½ year old shepherd cross, approximately 50 lbs. She has a lovely glossy coat but does shed quite a bit. Maizy is a medium energy dog. She is quiet, sweet, smart, inquisitive and thoughtful.

She is VERY timid around most people at first. She warms up to women with patience but she is much less comfortable around men.

That being said, she is social and tries very hard to belong and bond with her person; she quickly became her foster mom’s shadow. She’s very gentle and polite with people and other dogs, not at all possessive over food or toys.  She very gently takes treats from the hand. She is very observant and seems to learn very quickly what is expected of her.  She seeks out confident guidance. She is also very affectionate and seeks out cuddles from her foster mom.  She will make a very loyal and loving dog for her future person.

Maizy loves going out for walks and really comes alive when out in nature. She is very interested in all the smells.  She’s very respectful of the leash. A quiet neighbourhood or forest trails would be best for her as she is wary of people.

She is fully housebroken. We do crate Maizy when we leave the house on long days but she has free access when we’re home and for short stays along in the home. She is a very respectful houseguest, zero destructive behaviours observed, and she sleeps quietly through the night.

Maizy’s ideal human partner would be a woman that is patient and willing to put in the time to build trust with this wonderful girl. (Not to say that she cannot live in a house alongside a man, but she will prefer a woman as her main care giver.)

Although Maizy is gentle, we’re looking for a family with no children because abrupt movements and commotion intimidate her.

The presence of our own confident and calm dog has gone a long way to give Maizy confidence as she follows his example. Having a calm canine sibling would be a bonus for Maizy, but not necessary.

Because she is flighty when startled, she is not suitable for off-leash at this time, so a yard with a high fence and a commitment to regular leashed walks is important.

We have not had a chance to see her reaction to cats yet, but have noticed a strong prey drive toward squirrels on our walks. She responded well to correction so we expect her to be able to coexist with a dog-smart cat in the future with some guidance.  We took Maizy to visit some horses and she barely reacted to them, very sensible and no fear. She’s also great in the car.

Maizy was lovingly fostered by Geoff