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Maggie has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Ilona’s 14th birthday!



Sweet, sweet Maggie.

This amazing little girl is just a bundle of love. Her favourite pastime is getting cuddles from her people. She loves balls and squeaky toys. Will play a game of fetch with you, but prefers a pull rope and will present it to you as long as you want to play. Not great with stuffies, she destroys them and is happiest when they are in shreds.

Initially Maggie came into our home with insecurities. Being abandoned with no food and water and quite underweight, she sought out a human connection constantly. She tolerated the other dogs in the home but tended to try to “people guard”. We have worked on this and she is much more accepting of sharing space and love with the other dogs.

Consistency has been best for her to overcome her issue. The dog savvy cat has accepted her and once Maggie new it wasn’t acceptable to chase, she has welcomed her as one of her people.

She sings the song of her people as a greeting to all the enter the house and therefore would to best in a single family detached home. In typical beagle fashion, she follows her nose and a fenced backyard will be an important factor for her safety. She will not be an off leash dog , ever.

Totally house and crate trained, she has been a dream to foster. We crate rarely as she is non destructive if left alone in the home.

If she has the opportunity to counter surf she will. It is important all chairs are pushed in from the dining room table and nothing is close enough to the counter top for her to hop on for counter access.

She does not resource guard food and eats happily with the other dogs in her own corner of the kitchen.

Maggie would do best with a more experienced dog owner. Her foster parents feel the traits we have worked on may resurface initially after adoption, but with the right guidance, she will settle quickly.

She is a sweet, gentle girl who would be a wonderful companion. Is this you?