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Maggie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Mylo, Ricki, and Bruce.



Maggie is a sweet girl who’s had a rough few months. Due to glaucoma she had to have both eyes removed and she has also had 11 teeth removed. She’s a sweet girl who loves to be with her humans and will follow you around by the sound of your voice or your scent. Maggie currently sleeps at the foot of her humans bed. She is eating only moist food due to her teeth being removed. Maggie does well in the car and on a leash when going for walks. Went on a walk she does have to be encouraged a little bit because it’s new territory for her. Maggie Is house trained but you do have to take her out on a regular basis as she’s not sure how to asked to go outside. Maggie likes dehydrated liver treats and she does not play with toys.

Make it as well when introduced to new people. Her foster parents have not yet heard her bark but they have heard her whimper a little bit when she wanted to be picked up and put beside them on the couch. Maggie would do well in a quiet home with someone who has the patience to work with this blind little girl. Maggie‘s tail never stops wagging, She is a happy girl. Maggie goes for her follow up vet appointment on Tuesday and after that will be ready for adoption. Do you think you could provide the quiet retirement home that Maggie deserves.

Maggie was lovingly fostered by Carey