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Maggie is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in memory of Shania – another very beloved beagle girl who left her paw prints on many hearts.


Maggie just might be the sweetest little soul with big brown eyes. This girl’s tail does not stop wagging. It wags so much, her foster mom has given her the nickname Waggie Maggie.

There is not much this beautiful girl does not love. She loves cuddling up with you while watching TV in the evenings, loves outside time and basking in the sunshine and loves going on her walk and we mean LOVES her walks. The only time she has been vocal in her foster home has been to express her excitement for walks and she will also do a dance. She has a beautiful voice that can be bit of a surprise given her size. She can sometimes also do this bark meets growl purr sound, almost yodel like talking. We think it’s the cutest thing ever, just like her!

Maggie is crated at night and for travel and does well. Her foster mom is teaching her some basic commands and is doing well with stay while she waits to be let out the door. Sit is a bit of a hit and miss as her tail doesn’t stop wagging!

When Maggie arrived into our care, it didn’t appear she was housetrained or perhaps was only pee pad trained as she had many accidents the first few weeks and always on area rugs. Her foster mom removed the area rugs and she has not had any further accidents. She is let out every couple hours during the day to do her business. A yard would be beneficial to her.

Maggie has yet to meet someone she does not like. Due to her age and size (a bit on the tiny side of a beagle), a family with no children or dog savvy children would be ideal. She does well with other dogs and cats.

Shortly after Save Me committed to bringing Maggie into rescue, testing revealed that she was heart worm positive. Due to her age and her relative state of neglect it was decided that the “slow-kill method” would be best for Maggie and she started this treatment immediately on arrival. Maggie also was found to be positive for Ehrlichia and has completed a course of doxycycline to take care of it. Maggie’s first blood panel showed her to be anemic and she will be having another blood panel in the coming weeks to see how much improvement good nutrition and care has been made in this short time. Since she arrived Maggie has gotten much stronger and we are so happy to have the opportunity to restore her to the best health possible.

It doesn’t take much to make Maggie happy. She just wants love, cuddles, treats and walks. Give her these things and you will be blessed to see the cutest bum/tail wag that starts mid body. She is a sweet senior soul that has brought joy to her foster family with her special cuddles. A family will be very lucky to add this brown eyed girl to their family once she is ready for adoption.

** Adoptions in the province of Ontario only