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Maggie is in palliative care

Sponsored in memory of Shania – another very beloved beagle girl who left her paw prints on many hearts.


Hi I’m Maggie and this is my story.

I came into Save Me Rescue back at Easter time of 2021. My foster Mama knew that I was coming in with some sicknesses. She knew I was heartworm positive, that I had a tick-borne disease called ehrlichiosis, that I was underweight at just 16 lbs, that I was anemic, that I needed a dental and that I would have to wait to be spayed until I was over all these other things. My foster Mama had agreed to bring me home to give me all the care that I need!

Since I have been here, I have not met anyone that I don’t love. My neighbours know and love me, and I love having brothers and sisters – dogs, cats, funny weird scaly things… I love this house!! Foster mama and Foster dad take great care of me. They always make sure I got everything I need! My foods, clean waters and walks in the neighbourhood and medicines when I need them… But above all else lots and lots of loves.

I have gained weight! I am not anemic anymore! I am not sure about heartworms and the Ehrlichiosis… because something else kind of happened. In August foster Mama noticed a lump on my belly, and I went to visit the vet for a checkup. The Vet, Roz from the rescue and Foster Mama decided that I should get spayed and have the lump removed… By the time I had my surgery I had two other small lumps as well. I had my surgery on September 7th and I recovered well. Foster Mama was away but she video chatted me everyday, while foster dad took care of us all. I only really wagged my tail when Foster Mama would call. I was very excited when she came home!

Foster mama got the results from the lumps that were removed from my belly and was told they are a cancer that will likely come back. Foster Mama made me a follow-up appointment with Dr. Brad @ Kingsdale Animal Hospital – everyone loves me there. Dr. Brad found a couple new lumps in my belly. It made Foster mama sad but guess what?! She loves me and told me that I get to stay with my family for the rest of my life!! She also said I could drop the foster and call her Mama. I am a very happy, well loved beagle girl. xx

Love Maggie