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Maggie has been adopted!

Sponsored by a rescue friend who is happy she is safe at last


Hi, I’m Maggie! I am a gorgeous Border Collie mix and I came all the way from Tennessee! I’m 42 pounds and have a lovely white nose, chest and feet. I am a happy, sweet, energetic girl and I am looking for my forever family! Will you be the one to help me live my best life?

Since coming to my foster home, I have been learning to trust people. I quickly became comfortable with my foster parents, but I don’t feel as secure around my (human) foster brothers (ages 8 and 10). I’m just not sure what they will do next so I feel a bit nervous around them. They don’t like it when I jump on them but I’m just trying to play and get to know them! It’s probably best for me if my forever family doesn’t have any kids under the age of 15.

I really like to stalk and chase small animals but they don’t seem to like it as much! It will be less stressful for me if my forever home doesn’t have any cats or other small pets including feathered friends.

During my first day or two with my foster family, I didn’t really feel like eating. There were so many new things to sniff and a yard that I just had to run around in every chance I got! I am starting to get used to living in a house. The more comfortable I get, the more I eat. I’m starting to get into a routine and look forward to getting my breakfast and supper and am eating almost all of it now.

I have met a few dogs during my walks and I sniffed them enthusiastically. I like other dogs, but I need to work on my manners when playing with them. My foster family doesn’t have any other dogs so I haven’t spent very much time with dogs since I got here.

At night I sleep quietly in a crate all night long until my foster parents are ready to get up. I need a little convincing to go into the crate (a treat does the trick) but once I’m in there I don’t make a peep and I quiet down to sleep very quickly. My foster parents are very reassuring and I am learning to go into the crate on my own.

In the evening I love to snuggle up on the couch with my foster parents. I snooze and dream and get lots of pets. When they sit down for some TV I know it’s cozy time! It’s my favourite time of day.

I love going for long walks! I don’t pull very hard but I like to zig-zag all over the place because there are so many interesting smells out there! My foster parents are very patient with me and I am learning how to walk nicely and have already made some good progress.

I’m an energetic girl and I like to get my zoomies out in the fenced backyard. I would really love to have a yard to run in at my forever home. I am quickly learning to ask to go outside to go to the bathroom but I’m not perfect yet. I have had a few accidents at my foster home so I need to go outside often until I perfect this new skill.

I am about one year old but I still have some puppy habits like jumping up and nipping playfully. I have already started to learn not to do this but my forever family will need to continue to help me learn my manners. But I am very smart and I learn quickly! I have already learned “sit” and “paw” and I am working on “wait”. If you are firm, kind and consistent I promise I will try my best! I am worth the effort…my foster mom says I’m so sweet and loveable!

I really love to play with toys! My foster parents are helping me learn to share them because I am very protective over them. They are careful not to touch my toys when I’m playing with them until I develop more trust in people. Sometimes I hide my toys in the house or bury them in the garden! I don’t think my foster parents have any idea where they are!

I will be a great addition to an active family and I can’t wait to meet my new people!

Maggie was lovingly fostered by Jennifer L.