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Maddie and Echo

Maddie and Echo have been adopted!

Sponsored by Sakshi S., in loving memory of Stubbie



Maddie (mother) and Echo (daughter) have sweet and social personalities and love to cuddle. They love each other and everyone they meet. These two girls are a bonded pair looking for just the right family together.

Maddie is laid back, loves her meals and nothing more than a belly rub and cuddle on your lap.

Echo is inquisitive and very aware of her surroundings on walks. She likes to keep track of her mom’s whereabouts, and is a little less confident when meeting knew people but still warms up very quickly

Although interested in their kitty foster brother they are respectful of his space. They are typically quiet but certainly have voices if they need something. They quiet down quickly and take direction well. They’re responsive and happy to do as they are told.

House broken and crate trained. They prefer to be crated together and are happy to curl up in their crate for the night without a peep until they hear movement in the morning.

These girls love to walk and skip along even in the cold weather, they pick up the pace as a warm house is in sight but love to be outside. They are great on leash; Maddie is straight and narrow while Echo weaves back and forth around her. They are learning to walk on a split lead and are picking it up very quickly.

Maddie and Echo are wonderful dogs and could do well just about anywhere they are loved by people. Given their size, ideally a home with older children and adults. They adapt quickly, could benefit from the freedom of a house with fenced yard but are very happy just going out for a walk if apartment living. They eat up attention and would do well to not be left alone for extended periods of time. We understand they do well with other dogs and will update their profile as we get to know them a bit better.

Maddie and Echo were lovingly fostered by Lisa