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Luna’s Puppies

Luna’s puppies have been adopted!

Emmylou is sponsored in memory of Annie.
Remi is sponsored in memory of Aria.
Ollie is sponsored by Save Me Rescue alumni Bowie in hopes every dog finds their furever home
Lokie is sponsored by Dale on behalf of my sweet Molly, rescued through Save Me in 2020
Zara and Jet are sponsored by fellow Nordic mix, ABBA and her family.
Sage is sponsored by Kelly Taylor



We are now accepting applications for Luna’s beautiful puppies.

Adopting a puppy is not a decision to be made lightly. They need a great deal of attention during their formative months. They come to you essentially as blank slates. Remember, you are responsible for socializing them, house training them, and helping them learn how to be a family member in a home full of humans, and perhaps other animals. Bottom line – it is a lot of work and a huge commitment. Make sure you are ready for that before submitting an application. If you have a friend who has adopted a puppy, ask them how it was.

Like all puppies, these pups will need proper training to become good canine citizens and enjoyable family members. Depending on your comfort level and experience, this may include puppy training with a professional trainer. We are looking for homes where the pups will not be left alone for long periods of time. It is not fair, nor conducive to proper socialization and physical and mental health, for puppies to be left alone for extended periods. If an applicant is out of the home during the day, we will be looking for a plan to ensure the puppy is properly attended to.

Spaying or neutering the dog, at the appropriate age, is required and at that time a portion of the adoption fee will be returned.

When filling out an application, please list your first and second choice where it asks for the name of the dog. For more information on each of the puppies, please read about each of them below.

Luna and her puppies have had exemplary care with their foster parents and we are excited to find them all the wonderful families they deserve.

Ollie| Black Collar | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines| Northern- Husky X |Male | 8 lbs | 6 Weeks | 5th Born
Ollie is the little guy. He is the calmest male of the group. He enjoys being held and cuddle with his foster family. Like his siblings, he enjoys playtime and being outside- running and chewing on toys. Ollie is curious but like his sister Sage, he does not wander too far away. Ollie is just a good boy.

Sage| Green Collar | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines| Northern- Husky X |Female | 9.6 lbs | 6 Weeks | 6th Born
Sage is the largest female of the group. She has been the biggest girl since birth. She loves to chew on her toys and enjoys a good run with her siblings. Her favourite time of day is feeding time. Sage has always been food driven even as a newborn. She would be the first one to eat and the last one to leave. Sage does not wonder too far away from the group when outdoors. She stays close and most often chews on a toy or play with her siblings. Sage has been vetted and it was noted she has a heart murmur. The Vet was not too concern and to monitor her as she grows. Otherwise Sage is healthy and meeting all the puppy milestones.

Zara| Orange Collar | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines| Northern- Husky X |Female | 7 lbs | 6 Weeks | 4th Born
Zara is the best friend. She gets along with all her siblings and plays nicely. She was born the runt of litter but now she has blossomed into the cutest mulita coloured beauty. Zara’s eye colour are opposite to her big brother Jet. She is curious and will explore further than her siblings but will return back to the pack when called “puppy”.
Zara is in potty training with her litter box.

Remi | Purple Collar | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines| Northern- Husky X |Female | 7 lbs | 6 Weeks | 3rd Born
Remi is the mischievous fun loving vocalist. She loves to play to the fullest and is always up for a good time. She enjoys being outdoors and exploring her environments. Remi is the smallest of the group but don’t let her size fool you, she can put her big siblings in their place with ease. She is the first one to play around and the last one to crash. Remi is the vocalist and she is not afraid to use her voice and those big brown puppy eyes to her advantage. She is cute and cuddly like her siblings and bonds well with her foster family. Remi listens when called “puppy”.
Remi is litter trained with minor accidents.

Jet | Red Collar | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines| Northern- Husky X | Male | 8 lbs | 6 Weeks | 2nd Born
Jet is the adventure seeker. He loves to explore his environments and see new things. He is the curious pup like his sister Remi. He plays well with his littermates. He has unique eye colours, one blue and one brown apposite to this sister Zara. Jet is a mama’s boy and enjoys her attention and cuddles. You will usually find Jet off on his own looking for the next new object to sniff. He listens when called “puppy” and runs to join the group. Jet plays well with others and is learning his manners from mom.
Jet is litter trained with minor accidents.

Loki | Blue Collar | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines| Northern- Husky X | Male | 9 lbs | 6 Weeks | 1st Born Loki is everyone’s favourite boy. He is the first born largest male with the cutest floppy ears. He enjoys to cuddle with both his human family/ friends and siblings. Loki plays gently with his littermates and enjoys a good run although napping usually follows afterwards. He is the relaxed, quite one of the bunch. Everyone who meets him just falls in love. He enjoys chewing on his toys, sleeping, and cuddles. Loki has received a healthy pass from the vet and no health concerns that were noted at the time of visit.
Loki is litter trained. His recall is good when called “puppy”. He also potty’s outside in the grass. He is adaptable and has been introduced to a variety of new surroundings, objects, and sounds.

Emmylou | Blonde | Microchipped | 1st Vaccines | Northern-Husky X |Female| 7.8 lbs | 6 weeks | 7th born

Emmylou is a cute little sweetheart. She is playful and slightly curious. She is aware of her surroundings and wants to explore but with caution. She enjoys a good chew toy and playtime with her siblings. Emmylou has been vetted with no health concerns. She is sweet and loves her human cuddles. She enjoys running with her mom Luna. She uses her litter box with minor accidents.