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Luna has been adopted!

Sponsored in thanks to Save Me Rescue for our lovelies, Jude, Desmond and Molly Jones🐾🐾🐾❤️.



Hello, my name is Luna!

I was found stray and, in some discomfort, before making my way to Save Me Dog Rescue. Shortly after arrival x-rays were done and one of the largest bladder stones their vet had ever seen, was spotted in my bladder.

The relief I experienced once that was removed was incredible. Immediately bathroom business was so much easier, the little accidents I was having in the house also stopped. I’m so much happier now. I like to run around, almost puppy like, when my foster mom uses her funny voice. She laughs and I do it more.

Nutrition plays a major role in the prevention of future bladder stones. So it is critical that my future family sticks to my prescribed food, to avoid re-occurrence. I’m otherwise a healthy girl!

I’m a little nervous when I’m reached for and I will lower myself to the ground in defense, but once I realize the kindness behind your reach, I roll myself over into “belly rub” position. I LOVE belly rubs! I don’t think I would enjoy the fast actions of smaller children, but I would be ok with older more respectful children who would understand I will need time to feel safe.

I’m house trained, crate trained and love to meet new people. I like both dogs and cats as well. I’m quiet for the most part and enjoy curling up nearby when you’re watching tv, reading, or maybe working from home. I’m pretty low key, happy to do what you’re doing. Like any dog, I will require exercise, such as yard play and regular walks.

Luna was lovingly fostered by Colleen