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Luna is adopted

Sponsored by Cory W., in honour of his beautiful mother Nancy. Merry Christmas Nancy!


Luna wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Luna is an 7 week old female husky/shepherd mix who weighs 3.2kg.  Luna probably won’t be a huge dog when full grown probably around 40-50lbs.  Luna is not potty trained yet but knows to potty on training pads and also when she goes outside.  Luna is amazing with other dogs and is the alpha of the litter.  Luna is like the moon, one moment she is bossy and feisty and the next she is a sucky baby that just wants to be held and cuddled.  She most definitely is a people dog as she loves being with anyone that will cuddle and play with her.  Luna does not like to be alone; she is always cuddled up to her brother Cosmo.  The best word to describe Luna is LAPDOG.
Luna is not leashed trained yet, but will lead her brother and sister on long walks, she loves to run and play.  She likes to follow her foster brothers on walks and sticks close to the pack.  Nothing pleases Luna more than laying on the couch with a comfy blanket and sleeping in the company of her foster family.  Luna sleeps through the night in her playpen with her siblings without a poop or peep until she hears foster mom in the morning, then she wants to be cuddled and fed.
Luna is located in Campbellville, Ontario.  Because she is still a baby, her little teeth are sharp and she is still learning not to pull on socks or chew on fingers, a home with older children would be recommended.  Her energy level is medium and will only bark a little when she plays with her siblings

Luna was lovingly fostered by Susan