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Luke has been adopted

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This is Luke. He is a beautiful gentle boy. He is a stray from Tennessee. Because of that we do not know anything about his history. Seems he was found near a storm drain and taken to a shelter. The folks are the Tullahoma Animal Shelter saw how happy Luke was in the shelter and a kind family who volunteer with the Redemption Underdog Freedom Fund (RUFF) rescue in Tennessee took him in. He was very happy to get into a home. He flourished in his foster home.

Luke came into the rescue with heart-worm. Because of that, he was in his RUFF foster home for several months, as he was nursed back to health. He completed his heartworm treatment in the US before coming to Canada. In an abundance of caution, the rescue uses a further treatment that provides continued safeguarding in the unlike event that any microfilaria remain after his initial treatment.

We think Luke is about 2 years old. He is neutered and has all his core vaccines. He has a microchip. He is fully house trained. He is beginning to discover toys and really enjoys chewing on a bone.

We are not entirely sure of his breed. The vet says he is shepherd mix, which is pretty broad. He does have colouring and body shape of a pincher. He is about 35 pounds.

Luke is playful and loving, with a face that exudes kindness and innocence, but he will need a home where people will be patient and let him warm up to his new family. He wants to be close, but his history makes him a bit suspicious. Sometimes he is happy for a good scratch or play – other times he can be pretty skittish and will keep his distance. Sometimes he wants to give you three or four kisses on your nose – other times, not interested. He is not a fan of cuddling, at least not yet. He likes his independence. That said, he enjoys being groomed, which is good as he sheds. It is just a matter of time before he realizes being cuddled is as good as being groomed.

We do not know how long he was a stray, and most strays need time to overcome the self defence mechanism of independence. He needs to learn he can trust people. He has done that in his foster homes, so he will learn with his adopters, but it takes time and patience. Any adopter will have to understand that.

So, if you want a dog that will immediately jump on your lap, be up for a good cuddle, or even immediately be ok with you petting him, Luke is not the dog for you. If you want to help a dog become a dog like that, and have the patience and understanding to work with him, Luke might be the right dog for you.

He definitely needs a fellow dog companion who is confident, but not over bearing. He has been with dogs since coming into foster care and he looks to them to teach him things and help him learn to trust. He would not do well in a home without a big brother or sister dog.

As the video we mention below shows, he loves running and playing. Inside, he is pretty laid back and likes quiet times. Outside, he comes to life. He is a huge fan of going for a walk. He never pulls while on the leash. Just hold up the leash, and he will usually come right over. He would likely make a great running partner.

He is very comfortable when he meets people on the street. No fear or aggression.

He is very food motivated, which helps with training.

He likes to curl up on a chair or couch, so will need a home where that is allowed. He also likes to explore around the house so needs a place where he can have free run. Normally he stays close, but he does like a bit of space at times.

We think he would do best in a home that if there are children, they be over 12. We are not sure how comfortable he would be with small children. Fast movements scare him, and that is tough to control with small children. He is ok with cats.

He definitely needs a full fenced secure yard.

You can see more of Luke in this video:

Luke was lovingly fostered by Bob