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Save Me remembers Luke

Sadly, Luke passed away in his sleep while still in foster care. He may not have found his forever family, but he certainly knew an abundance of love with her foster family.
Rest easy Luke


Luke is a sweet, senior Lab with that amazing lab personality; even at 11 years old, he thinks he’s a puppy.

He’s ready to do whatever his people are doing, whether it’s a walk, a nap, or cuddles on the couch, but his favourite thing to do is play fetch in the  backyard. He knows basic commands like sit, stay, lie down and can even shake a paw. He’s a fast walker when he’s out about town and interested in everyone he meets. He doesn’t see well so he wanders back and forth on his  leash, but it doesn’t  slow him down! He still needs more leash training since he pulls, especially when he gets excited and sees other dogs.
His vision isn’t perfect so he’s timid when the floor colour or texture changes but his hearing is great and he’s quite agile. He’s able to do a short set of stairs but long staircases scare him. He’d be best suited in a home with few stairs or where you’re comfortable with him staying downstairs. He’s happy to be left on a comfy couch overnight while his people are upstairs.
He’d be a loving companion for a single person, or a couple who like medium-length walks and have a yard. Because he’s shy around other animals, Luke needs to be the only animal in a home. He’s also grumpy if he’s experiencing pain and needs people who understand and can manage his rare grumpiness.
Luke is a loving, fun and fairly active dog and he can’t wait to find people who understand how wonderful senior labs can be!