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Lucy has been adopted!

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Hi there! My name is Lucy! How cute am I?!

I am 6 years old and 8.5lbs. I just came to Canada recently and so far I am loving it – except this white stuff on the ground is cold! Before coming to Canada, I lived in a puppy mill. Needless to say, life is WAY better now. However, since I’m used to spending most of my time in a cage, I am working on a few things.

I’m not fully house trained but am doing my best to get the hang of it. I’m also just learning how to walk on a leash. I go pretty slow, don’t always know what I’m supposed to do when I’m on it, and I get a bit nervous and tend to sit down if my foster mom tries to move forward when I’m not ready. But I’ve also got super tiny legs, so I’m never going to be a long distance walking partner.

I get along with other dogs and with cats. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much contact with nice humans so am a little bit shy and nervous around them. Luckily my foster family is showing me that humans can be awesome, and my foster mom said she is impressed with how much I’ve already come out of my shell since being here!

I’ve been super quiet. In fact, I haven’t barked or made a sound except for the odd sneeze, some piglet type noises when I’m eating, and some puppy snores when I’m zonked out in my warm doggy bed. I don’t mind being held, and like following my foster mom around the house, but I am not a ‘cuddler’ right now. I’m definitely looking forward to eventually becoming one though!

My foster mom knows I am going to be a popular little girl! So, she told me since Christmas is coming, I should be super specific about my Forever Family wish list, so here it goes.

My Forever Family wishlist:
-no small children
-calm household
-nap-friendly environment
-pet-friendly floors
-fenced backyard with no gaps (I’m super tiny and don’t want to get lost)
– a sizable collection of small squeaky toys
-loads of patience
-heaps of compassion
-endless love!

Please make sure you have all of these items BEFORE submitting an application for me! I’ve been a good pup all year, so I won’t be settling for anything less. If you can fulfill my wishes, I hope to hear from you!

Lucy was lovingly fostered by Stephanie