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Lucky has been adopted!

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Lucky is a male Terrier mix coming to us from a shelter in Tennessee where he was surrendered by his owner. This Little guy has a vibrant, loving and super happy personality. He is approx. 3 1/2 yrs. old, weighs approx. 14 lbs. This leggy little boy is strawberry blonde with softest, gentlest brown eyes. Lucky has been micro-chipped and his vaccinations are current as of March 10, 2022.

This sweet boy is always so happy and ready to play with other smaller dogs. He loves zooming in the house and yard, always trying to get one of his foster siblings to join in. He gets along very well with cats and other smaller dogs. Larger alpha-type dogs seem to intimidate him. He currently lives with 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Lucky loves affection from his human and is a big cuddle bug, once he trusts you. He sleeps close to his human often using their lap or leg as a pillow. When he is extremely happy, he attempts to do a whirling zoomie on your lap, even trying to sit on your shoulder so he can be close. In order to calm him you simply need to hug him tight and talk to him calmly and quietly.

He loves going on walks and walks well on lead. He doesn’t seem to be familiar with toys sand will use the soft ones as a pillow. He loves pulling the blankets off the couch and works to put them in a pile on the floor. He is definitely food motivated and loves treats and food of all kinds. At times he gets too close to his sibling while eating but will come away when told.

He is house trained but does not ask to go out so it is important to keep him on a schedule until he learns to ask. He is a bit nervous to go out when dark so gentle guidance using a leash helps as well as staying close by. Once used to his surroundings he definitely acquires the confidence to run out with the pack.
Lucky has a bilateral grade 3 luxating patella. Simply put this means his knee cap pops and goes back. Our orthopedic surgeon has determined that surgery is not necessary as this is not impacting his quality of life. I do give him glucosamine supplements which seem to have stopped the popping and increased the zooming! See his video which is not at his full speed.

Unfortunately, he brings some emotional baggage from his previous life. He was abused by his male owner and surrendered by his mom to be safe. This has resulted in a hesitation to trust people and to meet male humans, but this resilient boy has not given up on the human race! If allowed to come around on his own timing and with some bribing with treats he comes to trust and love you. Within a week of his arrival, he was my shadow, sleeping in my lap or beside me. During our family Easter, within a few hours he was taking treats from my son and grandson without fear.

Overall Lucky is moderate energy but loves the times to zoom at 90 miles an hour!

Lucky would do well in a forever home with
• a calm and quiet environment
• his humans have the patience and time to be with him and allow him to adjust to his new surroundings at his speed
• no small children, older dog savvy ones should be fine
• fully fenced yard as he is a flight risk
• humans who will give him all the love and cuddles he craves
• firm but gentle guidance and positive reinforcement
• a smaller dog sibling(s) would be wonderful
Lucky is an amazing, loving little boy who will bring such joy and sparkle to his forever family who have the love and patience to give him and will provide the security and safety for him to prosper.

Check out the video of Lucky:

Lucky was lovingly fostered by Jackie