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Lucky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Christine McKenna whose rescue dog, Rumba, won’t let her adopt another dog.


As if his good looks aren’t appealing enough, Lucky has the sweetest disposition and out-going personality! He is a small breed poodle mix with possible Papillion. His luscious coat is white and caramel coloured with grey tipped ears. An owner-surrender from Quebec, he seems to understand both English and French commands. The shelter gave his age as 11 but the vet believes he might be closer to 9.

Lucky is in good health. He was recently been neutered and his teeth were cleaned (scaled/polished). He is fully vetted with updated vaccines and preventatives (heartworm, flea, tick). He weighs 5.2 kg. He has a long body and a curled, bushy tail. Lucky will need daily brushing to prevent matting which is common for his breed. Eyes should be cleansed daily and regular trips to a groomer will be a necessity to maintain his great appearance. Scooting could indicate impaction of anal glands and must be addressed as needed. He is house trained.

Daily exercise is part of this little guy’s routine. He loves two 20+ minute walks and is very curious with lots of sniffing and marking. His attention to heel has improved and is very polite when encountering other dogs from a distance. He is agile and can jump on and off a bed without traction. Despite having no interest in toys or other games, Lucky is treat-driven and has already learned new tricks/rituals and will dance on his back legs when excited. He has not mastered ‘come’/’ici’ and will need a fully fenced yard or complete supervision when outdoors since he will try to crawl under a fence. He is quiet, seldom vocal except when there is a knock at the door. However, he will bark incessantly if crated away from his people. He has not proven to be destructive.

Lucky seems to prefer soft food but will return to his plate to finish kibble later. He is not food possessive with humans. Counter surfing (with a chair close by) has been known to happen! He is a smart dog and still needs some help with learning not to beg for a taste of people food. The stare and the paw on your knee are certainly difficult to resist.

Definitely a lady’s man, Lucky has been somewhat of a ‘shadow puppy’. He will probably attach to a female. He is very friendly when meeting new people and has not demonstrated any particular fears except for other dogs (both small and large) in his immediate proximity. He travels well by car but should be crated when traveling without a passenger since he will try to sit on the driver’s lap. He is untested with cats and requires a home with no children.

Lucky would do best in a family where someone is home most of the time (post COVID as well) and where he is the only dog. He is a beautiful, sweet boy who wants only to be loved. He will make an amazing companion for someone who can shower him with love and attention.

Lucky was lovingly fostered by Jenny.