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Lu has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sherri, in celebration of her daughter’s first birthday. Happy Birthday Alex!!!!


Little Lu is the cutest mini Schnauzer out there!

He is super sweet and loves to play with his toys and his big foster fur-brother! Lu is nervous and pretty skittish around people, but he is quickly learning that humans can be really kind. We are seeing improvements in his confidence and every day he gets a little bit more adventurous! Since being here only a week, Lu has been learning some new things like walking on hardwood floors, which was very scary for him at first, but he’s now navigating them like a pro.

Lu will need some basic obedience training as he is young and doesn’t know any commands yet. He is a quiet boy who is 99% housetrained and a great sleeper at night! He is also good in a crate when we need to leave him alone in the house for a couple of hours.

Lu does NOT know how to walk on a leash yet and does not know how to go up and down stairs either. Right now, when it’s bathroom time, we pick Little Lu up and place him on the ground. And when he’s done, we pick him up and carry him inside. He’s only 1o lbs so is very easy to carry but something to keep in mind if you live in a multi-level home. With a little time and patience, Lu is going to be an amazing, loving companion for some lucky family!

Note: Because Lu is nervous of quick movements, we are looking for a home that either has no kids or that has older kids who would be respectful, gentle, and calm around Lu.

Lu was lovingly fostered by Stephanie