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Louie has an been adopted!

Louie was sponsored by Keri P.

Louie is a beautiful, handsome boy who needs a firm and consistent pack leader.  He is the most lovable little guy you could ask for……adores his foster mom and dad, and will cuddle with you for hours if you let him.

He is currently in a home with other dogs and is fine with them.  He would definitely benefit from having at least one doggy companion.

He is fine in the car and does not particularly like being crated.

Louie also prefers to have someone home a good part of the time and will cry when you first leave, but will settle eventually, as long as there is another dog nearby.  He needs someone who is willing to help him work on his confidence, as he is a timid, shy little fellow who may possibly have been abused at some point in his life.  We have found he is very loving, but does not like quick, sudden movements.  He does not bite or show any aggression, but has a very shrill bark which he is not afraid to use if he is startled.  Therefore, he is not suited to apartment or condo living.

One thing we are working on is leash training.  For that reason, he will require a completely fenced, secure yard.  At the present time, we are working on getting a collar and/or harness on him as he seems scared of anything around his neck or head.  It appears that something from his past has scared him in this way.  We are working to help him conquer this fear.  All he needs is kindness, love and a little time and he will be a wonderful companion for someone who is willing to continue working with him.

Louie knows his name and will come to you when called.  In fact, he prefers to never leave your side.  He also prefers people food rather than dog food, so we are working on that as well.  He could stand to lose a pound or two.  It appears he may have been fed only table scraps in the past.  He likes a dish of kibble available at all times, and will try with those big brown eyes, to get you to share your food with him.

He is house trained, and when you signal him to stop barking, he immediately responds.  He is trying so hard to be a good boy.

So far, he has not indicated any desire to play with toys, although there are plenty of them available, which leads us to believe that he has been mistreated in his past, as he prefers to be on your lap or cuddling tight beside you rather than play with toys.

Louie would do well in a quiet home, as he is easily startled by loud noises.  He has the most endearing personality and will quickly work his way into your heart.  If you are willing to continue working with him, you will have a wonderful, loving little dude who will be forever grateful you gave him a chance.