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Louie and Teddy

Louie and Teddy are adopted

Sponsored by Lori M., sending love and best wishes from Kali and Brody


Have you heard the saying “One in a million” well let me introduce you to Teddy and Louie “Two in a million”.
Since arriving in Canada from Ohio they have been in two foster homes just due to scheduling and both foster moms instantly fell in love with this duo. It only takes a minute being with them to see how incredibly special they are. They both have such a gentle and sweet disposition. They are truly a bonded pair, Louie who is the more timid of the two really looks to Teddy to make him feel safe, but he is also very affectionate with his foster mom and loves to cuddle with her.
Teddy who is the more confident one of the two is a happy boy who’s tail is always wagging and loves a nice belly rub. These two are a joy to have in foster care and really are a low maintenance duo. They like to sleep together and play in the backyard together. They do very well in the car cuddled up together and have no problems being crated together either. Teddy will let you know when he wants to go outside and Louie will follow him and also do his business outside but is marking a little bit so we are currently working on correcting this.
They do very well with the other dogs in the home and although not cat tested their foster mom thinks they would be just fine with them as well. They do seem to be a little weary of doorways when coming in and out of the home but with a little time and confidence they should feel safe when entering. Other than Teddy’s adorable snoring they do not make a peep in the home.

Lovingly fostered by Deb and Paulina