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Lola has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Brandi who was so loved by Lynda and who so loved Lynda



Lola is a sweet little girl looking for her loving forever home. She is fun-loving and full of puppyness! She is mostly housetrained but is still working on establishing a solid routine and will continue to need help with that. She has lots of energy and loves a good zoomie play session that includes chasing her furry foster brother, playing tug of war and promptly destuffing her toys. Being a puppy, she likes to play using her mouth so young children could misconstrue that as biting and find it scary.

When she is not playing, she is napping, cuddling, and curling up next to the closest human. She knows her name and knows how to sit. She loves dried liver treats and sleeping in her humans bed. She’s pretty zig-zaggy on walks and needs practice to learn some leash skills. She is great on car rides mostly choosing to nap on the way. She barks if someone comes to the door and if she thinks she hears a strange noise.

She would love a forever home with a furry sibling to play with and humans to sleep at night with. Whoever adopts Lola will be one lucky family.

Lola was lovingly fostered by Stephanie