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Lola has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jim and Chris, in honour of their daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Kori!


Lola is a sweet senior ball of love. She is an adorable girl with big ears who is eager to please. She is house-trained and gets along well with the resident cats and neighborhood children. She walks well on a leash and enjoys her time in the backyard. She would do well in an apartment or house as she is not much of a barker, unless someone comes to the door.

Lola is a good eater but doesn’t gobble her whole meal at once – she likes to go back and forth throughout the day.

Lola doesn’t play with toys but she loves her belly rubs and cuddles. She prefers to sleep under the covers with her human mom.

Lola recently had surgery to remove a number of mammary growths. The report came back that a few of these growths were in fact low-grade malignancies and the odds are very much in Lola’s favour that the surgery itself was curative. Classified as grade 1 and grade 2, the risk of recurrence is under 20% and all of the margins were clear. While there are never 100% guarantees in life, we have every reason to be hopeful that Lola has many happy years ahead to spend with her forever family. We are happy to share her histopatholgy report and vetting records with serious applicants.


Lola was lovingly fostered by Rose.