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Loki has been adopted!

Sponsored by Caroline Marshall and Shaun Peacock



Is your type, tall, dark and handsome? If so, Loki may be your perfect match. This young mastiff mix will be a large boy and he has beautiful markings and big dark eyes.

In the time he has been with his foster family, he has shown himself to be a very loving boy and very social with other dogs and humans. He has the winning combo – a great personality and looks!

You could describe Loki as an extrovert as he is social but also likes to “talk”. He has found his voice and likes to use it by barking at people going outside and will bark at other dogs to say “hey, come play with me!”

He is also a smart cookie. He is getting good at sitting for treats and for attention and also does well in a crate. He is still working on housetraining. He will do his business outside but still has some accidents in the house. We have no doubt that he will catch on fast though. He is working on his leash manners and enjoys his walks. Some sights and sounds are new to him so he can be a bit fearful of all the noises and commotion but he is getting better every time he is out for a stroll.

Since Loki is still very much a puppy with puppy energy, he is still learning the ropes and is in the teething stage so he play bites and has started to chew on things when his teeth are bothering him.

Loki enjoys playing in the yard, whether it’s playing fetch or exploring the gardens.

As mentioned, Loki will be a large dog so we are recommending a home with no small children. He is not aware of his size already and his tail is quite strong. His ideal home would have another large, social dog in the house to keep him company and help him get used to all the new sights and sounds in his world. He is a medium-energy pup so he will need to be walked regularly and ideally long walks to exercise his body and burn off some of that excess puppy energy. Mastiffs are notorious for plopping down during walks when they are tired or overheated and Loki is no exception. Therefore, a rule of thumb is to not walk them farther than you can carry them back!

His home should have a large fenced-in yard with people who like to be outside. He likes to run in the yard with his toys and get the other dogs to chase him. He would not do well in an apartment or small house as he will need room to grow.

As with any puppy, Loki will require obedience training and continued socialization to become a well-rounded and behaved pet. A home with breed or extra large dog experience would be preferred. Loki wants a home to treat him with love and respect and be included in all the things his family does.