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Loki has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle X, in loving memory of both her father and her sweet pup Tequila


Loki is a sweet but shy guy who is looking for a quiet home to relax in.

Loki is still quite nervous in his behaviour, but he has come a long way in overcoming this. He would do best in a quiet home with a well balanced existing dog that won’t mind Loki sticking closely to. Loki find his bravest movements tucked in beside his little foster brother. So a fur brother or sister would be a bonus.

Loki is not house trained but we’re working on it and with regular visits out to the yard, and crating over night, he’s getting the hang of it. We find he is just really nervous outside and likely hasn’t been trained to go out or spent much time outside. So we visit the yard often throughout the day and walk around and he’s getting much more comfortable. It’s just going to take a bit of patience and understanding.

Loki loves nothing more then to be near his people. He’s always either up on the back of the couch behind his foster parent’s heads.. or snuggled under a blanket with them. He is starting to show a more playful side, which is so awkward it’s cute. He’s not one for toys, but would prefer a cozy bed for a nap instead. He’s quiet, normally only barks when someone new comes in, as an alert and that is all. He’s good with his foster siblings, both cat and dog, but doesn’t not care too much for his larger foster sister. So small dogs are his preference.

Because of his nervous nature, small children are not recommended.

Loki is a diamond in the rough, and will be a true gem once he learns what his new life is all about. As long as an adopter can continue to work on his house training and encourage his bravery, he will be a very rewarding little family member.