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Logo has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Ben



Logo came to Save Me Rescue from rural Kentucky after his owner had passed away. He was absolutely adored by the shelter staff and they knew he needed a second chance. Everyone that meets Logo falls in love with his sweet and loving personality! He is looking for a family with a kind, gentle touch as he is sensitive to fast hands and his back end. Even with his fears he is still incredibly trusting of humans, a true “humans best friend”!

He is a big guy for a Border Collie at a healthy 60 lbs! He LOVES balls and is fast! He would play catch all day long (although bringing the ball back is still a work in progress!) He is a chewer so strong toys are a must for longevity! He is also a great leash walker and happy to sniff and explore. He is not reactive to other dogs on leash and happily trots by when another dog is barking at him.

Logo has likely lived a good portion of his life outside. He came to us with no basic training and already knows sit, stay and has mastered his crate training! He is one smart cookie! Although he will need continued basic training, he is an incredibly fast learner and eager to please!

Logo’s housetraining is going great and he has not not peed in the house in over a week. Continued patience and consistency will be the key to house training success. He will have accidents before he settles into his new forever. Logo is absolutely worth the efforts and really needs and deserves someone to finally put the love and effort into him!

Logo has an amazing natural recall, maybe instinct from his working genes or maybe because he just LOVES humans. He jumps up often to get as close to his humans as possible – but he’s learning that people don’t love that and he gets more attention and love when he doesn’t! (Smarty pants!)

Logo has a high prey drive so his perfect home must be cat and small pet free. He currently lives with a puggle, a toddler human and two cats. He is good with our dog, great with our toddler, and strictly separated from the cats!

Logo needs a family or person who is home. He LOVES humans and will happily follow his people and help with whatever task needs to be completed. He would be great as an only dog, or with a laid back companion. A hobby farm or a family that LOVES the outdoors would be best suited for Logo.

Logo had an an injury to his tail but he is healing wonderfully.

Although we were told Logo is 13 years of age, our vets feel he is younger. They believe he could be around 9 or 10 years of age.

Logo was lovingly fostered by Katie S.