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Liza has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jane, Earl and Maiya as a gift to say thank you to all the staff and wonderful volunteers for the tireless and selfless work that is done on a daily basis to rescue and save these dogs and give them the much needed love and care they are so deserving of.


Liza is a sweet little girl. She is a little timid, but once she realizes you are a good person, she warms up very quickly.

Liza is not quite sure what to do with the little stuffed animals she is given, but hopefully she will learn to play with them. She enjoys going for walks and for car rides. Liza is not a barker right now, but she may learn that trick from her current foster brothers and sisters!

Liza loves to snuggle and prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed of her humans. Right now her favorite activity is a belly rub.

She is left alone during the day while her foster parents are at work with one outside break at noon. She is not destructive and does not require to be caged when left alone.

She is a good eater and does not show any food guarding tendencies.

Liza was lovingly fostered by Carey.