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Linus has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jennifer in celebration of LuLu’s second Gotcha Day anniversary!


I was found as a stray but my foster mom says I’m a real southern gentleman. I’m a tiny little guy and us little ones usually don’t listen to commands but we’ve figured out recall, fetch and when my foster mom asks me to leave something alone, well, I darn well listen.  I love going for walks but pull on the leash a little just because I am so darn excited. with all my new surroundings.

I’m as cute as a button, so I’m told. I’ve got a healthy soft coat and beautiful brown eyes that will surely make you fall in love with me. I’m a very affectionate and attentive little guy and love being around my human.
I definitely have a lot of that puppy energy and I love play time. I’m great with other dogs, even big ones. We haven’t been around cats or young children as of yet so we’ll have to let you know later how I do with those.
I’m a little weary around new people but as long as my mom is around to protect me, I am open to making new friends.
I’m not exactly house trained at the moment but we’ve been working on it, sometimes I get the hang of it.

I’m a high energy pup and sometimes become startled with loud noises or quick movements.  I love play time with other dogs, my foster mom and toys. I love toys! The squeakier the better! My favorite time of day is treats and eats. I’m not really food aggressive but if I’m busy playing with my favorite toy, I sometimes like to be left alone.

I’m a loyal pup and will stick by your side. Nothing like a good nap in my human’s lap. I’ll also keep you warm during those cold winter nights, burrowing under the covers to find that comfy spot.

I’m pretty content with being in a crate while my foster mom is at work. I  do prefer having company (such as another dog) and sometimes become a little stressed out when left alone.

Linus was lovingly fostered by Jennifer G.