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Lily-Ann has been adopted!

Sponsored by Traci P., in loving memory of our grandbaby Jackson



Lily-Anne is a dream. This sweet, stunning girl loves to cuddle and be around her loved ones whether they’re human or dog.  She’s generally quiet and rarely barks. When we leave the house, she’s quiet and likes to hang out in a comfy spot on the couch.

Lily-Anne is playful and is very interested in other dogs. Being a puppy, she does need a little guidance when it comes to socialization and learning to understand other dogs, but nothing that should take long for her to learn. She is medium/high energy and will need a morning and evening walk/run around the park. In general, she is calm in the house. She is learning to walk well on a leash.

She has not had any accidents in the house and does not beg for food and is not interested in going in the garbage.

She sleeps in a crate at night and has been out of the crate during the day when left alone. She startles easily with loud noises – hopefully this goes away once she feels more settled.

She tends to stick near her loved ones while outside and her recall is getting better every day!


Lily-Ann was lovingly fostered by Ginger