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Lily has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of our dad, Frank



Lily is a sweet and friendly chihuahua. She left Kentucky the day before their devastating tornado. Lucky Lily! The  veterinarian here felt it would be best to remove her sightless and damaged left eye. She also had a much needed dental. Lily manages well with her right good eye. But she does require drops 3x a day to treat ‘dry eye’. She sits quietly for this.

When she first arrived, she spent time in the yard running about. Her tail never stopped wagging. Since the arrival of our deep snow and cold, she runs out to potty and scurries right back in. I think she must have been trained to use pee pads in a former life as she will use these if I don’t let her out in time.

Lily has the endearing habit of rooting about under her blanket in her bed. She ends up completely covered and doesn’t come out until morning. Only the sound of her food dish brings her out from under her blanket.

Lily was a bit unsure of my cat but now they enjoy short chases. The cat wins every time. She gets along with her foster siblings but seems to like people more. She only barks when there is a knock on the door or a dog barking outside.

Lily would do best in a home on 1 floor or where stairs could be blocked. Because of her small size, small children would not be a good choice. Lily needs a warm lap where she can curl up and cuddle.

Lily was lovingly fostered by Ev