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Lilly has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Sierra, whose star will continue to shine brightly long after she is gone.


Lilly is a 13 lb. 5-year-old female MinPin, coming to us from a Tennessee shelter. Her previous owner had to surrender her as they were no longer able to care for her. She is black with tan markings and bright brown eyes that clearly express her curiosity. She has been micro chipped in the States, which can be activated in Canada when the adopter contacts the company. She is spayed and her vaccinations are current as of March 1, 2021. She has recently had dental work but has fully recovered.

She is a sweet, gentle and happy girl who wants all the attention! Lilly is a bit timid in new situations but can be coaxed out of it. She loves to be with her human and follows me wherever I go, whenever I go. She is not so keen on being physically cuddled but loves to be right beside you, I mean right beside you!

Lilly definitely has a mind of her own and will ignore you if she is not interested and makes very obvious you have just been dismissed! She is very food motivated and will always come running for a treat or if you wave her red leash. She does have the basic commands but does not always execute them when asked. She is extremely smart and learns quickly. With training these characteristics can be eliminated.

She eats well and loves treats of all kinds. She does have a tendency to try to take treats or dinners from the other dogs but listens when redirected away from them. Respecting boundaries is not her strong suit.

Lilly has a moderate activity level. She loves to go for walks and run in the back yard. She has discovered the toy box and enjoys playing fetch. She also likes to sleep on the twisted up in her blanket – she creates her own little cocoon.

She gets along very well with other dogs and people but not so well with cats. She is not mean with them but she is learning not to chase them. It is unknown how she is with children. She is pretty quiet in the house but will bark if she hears a noise or people talking.

Lilly would definitely benefit from training classes to execute the safety commands and respect boundaries. She definitely needs a firm but gentle hand to show her who the pack leader is; otherwise, she will take on that role. A fenced in back yard is a definite requirement as she has a tendency to spring out and she is gone before you realize it. She does have a tendency to separation anxiety, so being alone for hours would not be good for her.

With the right training, guidance and support Lilly will thrive and be a welcome addition to any family.

Lily was lovingly fostered by Jackie