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Lily has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness


Hello! My name is Lily and I am an 8-year-old female spayed Golden Retriever x Terrier mix. I came to Save Me because my previous family unfortunately encountered circumstances that prevented them from taking care of me going forward. I have adjusted very well to my foster home and despite my recent upheaval, I am a very happy and loving girl.

As I am a bit of an “old lady”, I like to spend my days napping and lazing around. I usually find a place close to my foster mom to lay down – whether I’m in the kitchen watching her cook or sleeping in my bed next to hers. Sometimes, though, I like to find a quiet spot all by myself where I can just be alone. I love to be pet and talked to, and I really appreciate having my own space in a peaceful, quiet environment. When I am out walking with my foster mom and we come across another dog, I sometimes bark when they are far away from me, but whenever I have gotten close to another dog I have been very friendly and just sniffed them and wagged my tail. However, my previous owner said that I can get cranky when I am pestered, and that I do not like “puppy energy”. Because of this, I would do best in a quiet home without young children, where I am the only pet. I would do well in a suburban or rural environment, or in a quiet urban neighbourhood. I have been living in a quiet apartment with my foster mom and have been an excellent tenant. On a couple of occasions when my foster mom left the house without me, I barked for a minute or so after she left before quieting down, but most of the time I am okay with hanging out at home by myself.

I am a smart girl who already knows some commands from my previous home. I know sit, stay, paw, and lay down, and I am housetrained. On my first day in my foster home, I had an accident indoors, but it was only because I was very confused about what was going on and it was never an issue again after that. I absolutely love going for walks – my foster mom usually has to unravel me from my leash before going out because I spin around in circles once it’s on. I generally walk well on my leash but will sometimes pull when I am excited.

When Save Me took me in, I went to the vet for a checkup and to get up-to-date on my vaccines and parasite prevention. I didn’t like being at the vet one bit, and panicked when they tried to clip my nails and give me my vaccines, so I was sedated to have these procedures done. When at home with my foster mom, I really didn’t like it when she tried to take a look at my teeth or trim the matted fur on my face, and I lifted my lip and showed my teeth to tell her to stop. My forever family will need to be able to recognize and respect these signals that let them know when I don’t like something. Because I have long, wiry fur, I will need to be bathed and brushed and visit the groomer regularly to prevent matting. I seem to love baths and my previous owner says that I tolerate grooming well.

My blood test results at the vet were normal and I am a healthy girl. I am dealing with a couple of issues though that my forever family will need to keep an eye on and help me manage. First, my foster mom has noticed me sneezing and rolling around a lot, and I have some fur loss and hot spots on my back and around my hind legs. These are likely due to some type of allergy, though we are not sure what the cause is. Since arriving in foster care I have been switched to a hypoallergenic diet in case my allergies are due to something in my diet.

Additionally, I have shown some front and hind leg lameness, which tends to coincide with more strenuous exercise and improves when I am exercise-restricted. Since arriving in foster care, I have been to the vet for x-rays of my front and hind legs and my hips. There was nothing on the x-rays to account for my front leg lameness, but my x-rays showed that I have moderate hip dysplasia. The vet does not feel that it is a surgical issue and that my lameness should be managed medically. I am currently taking daily glucosamine chondroitin with MSM and fish oil omega supplements to help keep me comfortable and moving as well as possible. The vet does not feel that I need to be prescribed anti-inflammatories for my lameness at this time, but that these will need to be considered in the future as hip dysplasia is a disease that progresses over time. In order to keep me healthy and happy, my walks need to be short and controlled, and I should not be allowed to jump around or run full-out.

I am a beautiful, affectionate girl looking for a forever family that will give me a peaceful, loving home.

Lily was lovingly fostered by Harley