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L’il Joe

L’il Joe has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Shania, thank you Leejay and Nicole for staying by her side and giving her lots of love in her final days.



Joey had his eye removed, along with a lump on his back (that was benign) and a loose tooth. He has healed well and has adapted perfectly to life with one eye.


L’il Joe (a.k.a Joey) arrived recently from a shelter in Kentucky. He is a sweet, happy-go-lucky, well-behaved dog.

He currently lives with several older dogs and a cat and he does not show any interest in playing with them (and vice-versa). He enjoys playing fetch with a stuffed animal (the squeakier the better!), chasing a ball and chewing on an antler. Joey is low-to-mid energy – he is content to lounge around on the floor or sofa for most of the day but is always eager and willing to go for a walk outside. His human foster siblings are older teenagers who adore him but he has not been around young children.

He is not fully housetrained yet – he will go outside when asked but is also content to find a quiet place in the house when nobody is looking. Constant supervision is still required in order to ensure he learns to do his business outside all the time.

He walks well on a leash, and does not pull. Although we haven’t attempted it, I don’t think he has the stamina for a long walk yet. He tends to slow down after about 20 minutes.

He is learning that he does not belong on the kitchen table, even if it’s where yummy-looking food can be found.

Joey has a sensitive tummy and has been known to vomit during the night. He started taking Pepcid twice a day and it seems to help.

Joey’s ideal family is one that will be patient with him while he learns what is expected of him. He will be the perfect addition to the right home that can give him the love he deserves.

Joey has a corneal dermoid and is awaiting eye surgery to remove his eye. He will be in rehab until he is fully recovered from his surgery.

Joey was lovingly fostered by Marcy